As each booking is confirmed a message will go out on Facebook and on the website.

Check the Latest News for updates on the next shoot.

There will be additional shoots added to the list including midweek and Saturday shoots.

Remember, you must have a valid SCC to shoot and you must hand in a Signing in Sheet.

Dates / events shown in italics are still subject to confirmation of bookings.

Availability of civilian shooting on MoD Ranges is subject to the needs of the military.  We are the lowest priority so may get bumped off at short notice.  Conversely, we could also find ourselves the sole range complex user, in which case we would be liable for a very large bill which would make the shoot financially nonviable and force a cancellation.





Sun 11 March

Guest Day – pre-booking only.

A small number of places left.

Not an open shoot – for pre-booked guests only.

Short Siberia 2 lanes 200x AM & 4 lanes 200x PM


Contact the Secretary

Sun 18 March

Opportunity to practice for the NRA Historic Match in April

Century 300x AM / Short Siberia 200x PM

(Could only get a booking this way round.) Self-marking. 

SR Captain

Sun 22 April

SMLE Match

Stoney Castle Range

SR Captain

Sun 20 May

Overlord Match

Stoney Castle Range

This event to be followed at 1600 by the Association AGM  in the Veranda room at the ATSC, Bisley.

SR Captain / Practice Captain

All Committee members

Sun 27 May

TR Practice - opportunity to use your MOA sights.

1 lane 200x ET AM / 1 lane 500x + marker PM Century.

TR Captain

Sun 10th June

SMLE Match

Short Siberia, Bisley.

Practice Captain

Sun 17 June

McQueen Competition

Century 300x AM – Castle & sighting tgt. (Couldn’t get a 200x Castle so we may modify the timings to compensate.)

Club scoped rifles will be available on the FP for members to use.

TR Captain / Secretary

Sun 17 June


2 lanes 200x Short Siberia PM


Sat 30 June

Falling Plates Practice

Ash No.2 Range 08.30

Practice Captain

Sat 7 July

NRA Falling Plates

Ash No. 2 Range


Sun 29 July

TR Match

Century 300x AM 2 lanes with markers Century 500x PM 2 lanes with markers

TR Captain

26 August


300x /600x Century with markers

Practice Captain

09 September

Mid-Range Practice AM Informal Comp PM

300x Century with markers

Practice Captain

29 September

Long Range practice AM only

900x Stickledown with markers

TR Captain

14 October

CQB Match

Stoney Castle

SR Captain

08 November


200x Century 


08 December 

Enfield Challenge


SR Captain

16 December

 Turkey Shoot

200x Short Siberia 

Practice Captain / Secretary