This page is the one stop shop for all the forms you need to come shooting.

(This page is very much a work in progress, suggestions welcome, what's missing?)

It is not possible (yet) to upload .DOCX versions of MS Word documents, this shouldn't matter one jot, as any version of any word processing software will be able to open DOC versions.  We may correct this at some point in the future but I am in no hurry.  Microsoft is seeking (with the DOCX format) to grab a near monopoly on word processing documents in the same way as Adobe has with PDF documents.  Funny, but for some reason I don't feel inclined to help them do it.  If anyone has a problem with this then they are welcome at anytime to apply for the job of website editor and I will gladly retire. (RW)


To apply for membership and renewals;




Signing In Sheet for range days

Signing in Sheet

This is the MS Word Form version, use the tab key to move through the fields.

Fill in your details and the details of all the firearms you own, then save it as a template.

Then all you need to do each range day is print a copy, fill in the event and the date, tick the boxes (on the left) to show which rifles you shot, sign it and hand it in.

Signing in Sheet.pdf

This is the PDF version for those who find the IT thing a bit of a challenge.

Just print it and fill it in with a Biro.

Also suitable for guest shooters from other clubs.


Range Attendance Register for RCO's