This page is the one stop shop for all the forms you need to come shooting with LERA.

To apply for membership and renewals;


The LERA year runs from 01 Apr to 31 Mar.  Renewal notification will be sent out by mid Feb each year and members are encouraged to complete and return their renewal forms promptly.

SCC Renewal Form


Those LERA Members who require a LERA-sponsored SCC for 2022 should now submit their applications, on the revised SCC Application form, to the address shown on the form.  This must be manually signed by the applicant.

This year, as a special COVID 19 Concession, if you were unable to complete the required number of shoots with LERA for Covid-related reasons, please tick the appropriate box, and enclose an explanation of your circumstances.  Include details of any other shooting you have done over the course of the year (i.e. sporting/vermin control, shooting with another HO-approved club, etc.).


Please remember to include a self-addressed envelope and, if your appearance has changed, an updated photo.  Please note also that if you require any changes / additions to the firearm categories shown on existing certificates, documentary evidence must be provided to show that you have completed the necessary training assessment in that category.

Please ensure that all applications are submitted before 1 November 2021

Signing In Sheet for range days

Signing in Sheet

Fill in your details and the details of all the firearms you own, then save the form on your computer as a template.

All you need to do each range day is print a copy, fill in the event and the date, tick the box to show which rifles you used, sign it and hand it in to the RCO.

A completed copy of his form is required from all attendees at LERA  events, including guest shooters from other clubs, in order to comply with Home Office Criteria.

Range Attendance Register for RCOs

The RCO must ensure this is completed and, together with all the signing in sheets, is given or sent to the Secretary after every shoot.



Guest Day Form

Guest Day Form