Shooter Certification Cards (SCCs) – new arrangements from the NRA

Possession of a valid SCC is a mandatory requirement for anyone, (other than probationary members/trainees) to shoot at Bisley or on an MoD range.  The NRA have announced that, with effect from 01 Jan 2019, new arrangements for the issue of SCCs to members of affiliated clubs will come into place.  All current cards expire on 31 Dec 2018 and will be replaced by photo cards, these being produced by the NRA on request from the Chairman of an affiliated club and on payment of a capitation fee.  The current capitation fee will remain unchanged for 2019.  The new cards will be valid for one year and renewed annually.

The implications of this change for affiliated clubs such as LERA are largely administrative.    Information must be supplied to the NRA in the required format as soon as possible after 01 Oct each year in order to ensure cards are produced and distributed before the end of the year.  LERA will only arrange SCCs for members who have LERA noted as their primary club on FACs and who are not also NRA members; all others should get their SCCs through their primary club.  NRA members should get their SCC direct from the NRA.

Members qualifying for a LERA arranged SCC must provide the following information to the Chairman, (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Byways, Fyfield, Lechlade, Glos, GL7 3NS by no later than 07 September each year.

  • Full name - including middle names
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Contact tel no
  • Address - incl postcode
  • Digital passport sized photo - in JPEG format with filename ‘surname-ddmmyy.jpeg’ and where ddmmyy is date of birth.
  • Disciplines to be certified for: (note – LERA will only certify for those marked * unless sufficient evidence of certification in additional NRA disciplines is provided.

a.       Telescope rifle *  

b.      Iron sighted rifle *

c.     Muzzle loaded rifle

d.      Short range pistol

e.      Long range pistol

f.        Heritage pistol

g.       Muzzle loaded pistol

h.      Target shotgun

i.         High muzzle energy

j.        Gallery rifle/carbine *

LERA holds training and assessment records for most of the SCCs it has historically issued and will use these as the basis for future certification.    If we do not have a record for an individual then that person will be required to undergo a formal NRA or LERA-run assessment before the Chairman will be able to certify for an SCC.  The NRA Safety and Awareness Competency Assessment, consisting of the following tests, will be used.  

  • Knowledge & understanding of range safety
  • Proving a firearm is clear
  • Misfire procedure
  • Loading, firing & unloading
  • Emergency stop
  • Handling & accuracy

In addition, LERA requires that all its members are capable of shooting a 12” group at 100 yards.  LERA reserves the right to withhold an SCC from anyone deemed unable to achieve this standard.

Our training courses and assessment tests will in future include Gallery rifle/carbine to enable members to have this on their SCC and allow them to book/use Melville and Winans ranges.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the individual LERA member requiring a SCC to initiate this process and provide the above information to the Chairman.  If this doesn’t happen, then neither will the SCC and the standing rule of ‘No Card – No Shoot’ will apply.