This meeting was held at 1400 hrs in the NRA pavilion and chaired by Rick Wells – Head of Range Services, with several other NRA officials present.

About 40 NRA members representing various clubs and affiliated shooting organisations were in attendance, including myself on behalf of LERA.  I pass on the following information which is of relevance/interest to all to members:

Range safety

‘Bisley Bible  Section 52 – Safety Rules.

Para 113:  No firer may move himself or his equipment forward onto the firing point until authorised to do so by the (C)RO’. 

The Head of Range Services commented that people were still being observed moving firearms onto the firing point (FP) before the hooter has sounded at 0830 and 1330.  This is contrary to the rule quoted above and must stop.  NO FIREARMS, cased or otherwise, are to be moved onto the point before the hooter has sounded.  RCOs are expected to enforce this.

Following some discussion about the rather broad term ’equipment’ used in the rule, it was clarified by Rick Wells that it is acceptable for shooting mats, spotting scopes, scorebooks etc to be laid out on the FP in advance of the hooter, whilst again emphasising the importance of NO FIREARMS.   Consideration would be given to making the rule more explicit.

Concern was expressed at the way people are seen crowding the FPs, especially those by the 300x car park on Century.  We were reminded that only those actually shooting or coaching/supervising  should be on the FP and all others and their equipment should be behind the FP. (Note: behind the FP is not the same as being at the back of the FP, which is still actually on the FP!) The sleepers adjacent to the FP on the 300x car park will be moved back to stop cars being parked right up to the FP and will allow shooters to get their equipment out onto the gravel rather than the grass.  Again, RCOs are expected to enforce proper FP discipline.

Use of muzzle brakes

As these require additional lateral clearance a lane is usually left vacant between a muzzle brake user and the next shooter.  If the ranges are full, and this lane would otherwise have been in use, then a charge will be levied.  This also applies to the electronic targets.  The Range Office will be as flexible as possible.  Comments from the floor included ‘take it off’ and ‘use a moderator instead’. 


Range Bookings 

Once again all clubs and individuals were asked to avoid 'overbooking' their requirements and then make last minute cancellations of several targets.  This leads to wasted range space which could have been used for others.


Short Siberia 200 yard range

The NRA acknowledge that they were surprised by the popularity of the 200x distance on Short Siberia and having had adverse feedback from the switch to 200x for one weekend a month only,  the revised and current arrangements of 100x only on Saturday and 100x and 200x on Sunday are to continue for every weekend in 2018.


Winans range

This is now a 25 metre No Danger Area (NDA) range adjacent to the Zero range.

Bay A is for pistol calibre firearms and shotguns (shot only)

Bay B is for full bore rifles, gallery rifle and solid slug.  Black powder may be used. 

If in any doubt as to what you may use, check with the Range Office.  There will be further development of this range in due course.


Electronic Targets

The charges have been reviewed and the range fee is now per lane and not per person.  This is a welcome move and means more than one shooter can use a target booked by the hour. It is emphasised that hourly rate bookings are only available to individual NRA members.  If you are not an NRA member you cannot shoot by the hour at Bisley but only on an officially booked club shoot which would be for the whole AM or PM session.  There has to be some benefit for being an NRA member.


400 yards range bookings

400 yard bookings may be possible at weekends during the winter season and also on weekdays during the summer.  The chances of weekend summer bookings being accepted remain low, simply because of the large number of targets that have to be blocked out at 300 yards.


Melville range:

Bay A is intended for casual use and cannot be booked as a whole.


Cheylesmore Range

The overhead retrievable targets are not to be used as advancing targets.


Zero range use by non-NRA members

In addition to the current arrangements whereby affiliated club, but non-NRA, members are allowed use of the zero range on the day of a club booking, they will now be allowed to use it both the day before and after a club booking so they don’t lose club shooting time on the actual day.  They will be required to show a valid club membership card and SCC at the time of booking.


NRA Markers and Poor Marking

It was made clear that persistently poor performance by NRA markers should be reported to Range Control on radio channel 16 during a shoot and not delayed until the end of the session when it is invariably too late to take any action.  As a guide, NRA markers are expected to cycle the target within 20 secs.  If it is consistently taking longer than 30 secs then call Range Control.

Shooters are requested to liaise regularly with markers during a shoot, to advise them when there are breaks for details swapping over and so on.  Good communications with the markers will aid good performance – common sense really.


Use of Private markers

Clubs employing private markers are responsible for the actions of those markers in all respects.  Clubs are advised to have employer’s liability insurance in place.


New Range Booking System

A new range booking system will shortly be deployed which will allow online bookers to view range  availability directly and which should make booking easier.  ‘See before you book’ - no more ‘playing Battleships’.


Move of Range Office and Armoury:

Building works for this project are under way, but have been delayed by unforeseen difficulties. The move into the Pavilion was quoted as being by Sept, although which year was not specified!  Range Office and Range Control will be separated.  A modular armoury is being considered whereby cabinets for firearm storage would be available for rent by members/clubs.  There will be a controlled/secure access route to this area.

The new facility will include a Café and retail area.



Requested target faces will be placed in the appropriate Butt by NRA staff.  They may not be right by your allocated target so please look along the Butt.  Please refrain from using target faces you have not booked as you will be using those requested by others.  If there is a problem, contact Range Control.  If using your own targets, please stick them onto a blank centre and not over an NRA target face.

The wooden counterbalances on Century are specifically made for the individual target.  If they get moved around, as they do, then they no longer work as intended.  Please do not swap them about.

If the counterbalancing of a particular target is well off, contact Range Control and they will send someone to address the issue.


Car Parking

Range users are requested to park responsibly and considerately. (see note above re 300x car park.)  Other than for those holding disabled badges, cars are not to be moved forward of 1000x on Stickledown or parked anywhere at the rear of Short Siberia other than on the hard standing car park.  The limited parking at 100x on the right of Century is intended for disabled pass holders.  Consideration may be given to improving this area when funds allow.



Jenny’s is expected to re-open under new management in due course.


Steve Isherwood

Secretary, LERA


27 Oct 2017