1.        The Association shall be called The Lee Enfield Rifle Association, hereinafter referred to as “The Association”.

2.        The aim of the Association is to further the interests of all target shooting disciplines appropriate to the use of the Lee Enfield series of rifles, and to promote the study and collection of such rifles.

3.        The headquarters of the Association shall be at such a place as may, from time to time, be decided by the Committee.

4.        The Association will be affiliated to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and to any other association deemed appropriate by the membership.  Those Association members who are not individual members of the NRA may be required to pay the capitation element of the NRA affiliation fee.

5.        The Constitution of the Association, having been approved, may be amended only by a vote of Full Members present at a General Meeting, the notice for which shall have contained particulars of the proposed alteration or addition(s).  For an amendment to succeed, a majority of the votes cast must be in favour of the change.

6.         In this Constitution, where the context so admits, references to the masculine shall include the feminine, and references to the singular shall include the plural, and vice-versa.



7.         The Association is to be managed by a Committee elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The Committee will consist of a Chairman, General Secretary,  Treasurer, *Shooting Coordinator, *Training Coordinator, Merchandising Officer, Communications Officer, and 2 ordinary members.  

            Those Committee members marked * will recruit a team of 2/3 full members to assist them in carrying out their duties.  Such persons will not be Committee members, but one of these persons may be nominated as a representative at a Committee meeting should the actual office holder be unavailable.  Areas of responsibility for each Committee appointment are given at Annex A to the Constitution.

8.         All Committee members shall retire annually, but may be eligible for re­-election, if they so wish.           .          

9.        The Chairman is to preside at all Committee meetings and at all General Meetings of the Association. In his absence, the General Secretary in office and present at the meeting will preside.

10.       The Committee may co-opt further members as may be necessary for the fulfilment of its task.

11.      The Committee may, by resolution passed by not less than two-thirds of the Committee present, appoint an Honorary President, and any member or members to the office of Honorary Vice-President.

12.      The Committee shall have the power to formulate such rules and bylaws as it considers to be conducive to the good of the Association and the encouragement of the sport.

13.      The Committee is responsible for the planning and co-ordination of all Association activities. 



14.       Every candidate for membership of the Association shall make application for membership on the form prescribed by the Committee for that purpose. The Committee has the right to accept or reject applications or renewals of membership.

15.       Membership of the Association shall be:

a.     Full Shooting Members.  Open to persons holding a current firearms certificate and those Probationary Members of not less than six months standing and not having a firearms certificate, but who have successfully completed a period of instruction prescribed by the Association.  Application for full membership must be sponsored by at least one full member of the Association of 6 months standing.

b.     Associate Members.  Open to overseas residents and those persons who do not wish to be shooting members. They will have access to the newsletter, the members’ website, and the Facebook group.  They will also be able to attend non-shooting activities or visits. They must not hold a current UK firearms certificate.

c.      Honorary Members.  Honorary Membership of the Association may be offered to individuals at the discretion of the Committee through a recommendation from members.  

d.     Probationary Members.  Open to persons who do not hold a firearms certificate. They must be sponsored by two Full Members of the Association of at least six months standing, or by one Committee Member.

e.    Trade Membership.  Open to Registered Firearms Dealers specialising in Enfield rifles and Enfield spares, accoutrements, accessories and reloading components.

f.       Visitors and Guests.  Visitors to the Association who hold a current firearm certificate, who are bona fide members of another club or clubs, and who are sponsored by a member of the  Association, may shoot in club events. However they may not be included in any Association team.  The sponsor must ensure that the visitor completes a Signing-in Sheet, which is held with the Association attendance register, before the visitor takes part in any shooting under the auspices of the Association.  Guest membership may be offered to teams from other nations, subject to the approval of the Committee.  If necessary, priority will be given to teams with military or police connections.  Guest membership will normally allow use of the Association’s range facilities only.

g.     Temporary Membership.  The Association will not operate any form of temporary membership.

16.       Potential members of the Association already in possession of a valid firearms certificate may be required to serve a probationary period to enable the Committee and other members of the Association to ascertain the suitability of the potential member for acceptance as a full member of the Association.

17.       Until they have completed a minimum of six months as a full member of the Association, no member may sponsor any other person for membership.

18.       Probationary members must attend, or have previously attended, an introductory course. If necessary, they must undergo a period of instruction by an NRA-qualified instructor or equivalent qualified member of the Association.  They must be under constant supervision by a qualified range officer when on the firing point.

19.       Membership of the Association is renewable annually for all membership types, with the sole exception of Honorary Memberships which the Committee shall review periodically.  Membership renewal is conditional on timely payment of the appropriate fee (where applicable), and upon the understanding that the Association, its officers and its servants will not be held responsible in tort or negligence or otherwise for any accident occasioned by members, guests or visitors.




20.       An officer of the Association and one other member of the Committee shall, upon their joint decision and at their absolute discretion, have the power to suspend the membership of any member who may allegedly have been involved in any conduct that would render them unfit for membership of the Association.  Such a suspension shall remain in force until such time as the Committee shall have been able to complete an investigation into the circumstances of the alleged misconduct, and the matter has then been considered at a meeting of the Committee, which may be attended by the suspended member.

21.       If the Committee, in its reasonable opinion, decides that the conduct of a member has been such as to render them unfit for membership of the Association, then it shall have the power to immediately terminate the membership of that member or to suspend their membership for a period of up to six months.

22.       No betting shall be permitted in respect of any Association activity or event.

23.      The Committee shall appoint a range officer of the day whose decision shall be final in all matters pertaining to safety and conduct.  Shooting will be conducted under the rules of the NRA Safe Shooting System and the NRA Classic and Historic Handbook as applicable to the discipline being fired.

24.       It is a condition of membership of the Association that should a member receive a notice from the police or other appropriate authority revoking their firearm certificate, or should they be involved in any criminal activity relating to firearms or related matters, then they shall advise the General Secretary in writing within seven days.



25.      The level of subscription to be paid by members will be proposed by the Committee and ratified by resolution at the AGM. A reduced subscription shall be paid by members under the age of 25 and over 65 years of age.  The Committee shall have the power to raise subscriptions from the first day of April in any year, should this be considered to be in the interest of the Association   Any such increase must be confirmed at the next AGM.

26.       Subscriptions shall become due on 01 April each year. If a subscription is not paid by 30 April, then membership will be deemed to have lapsed.  The  General Secretary will then inform the relevant police authority that the individual is no longer a member of the Association, as required by current legislation.

27.       If membership of the Association has lapsed under the provisions of paragraph 26 and the defaulting individual subsequently seeks to regain membership of the Association, then they may be required to pay a re-joining fee in addition to the subscription due.

28.       Honorary and Associate members shall be exempt subscriptions.



29.       The financial year of the Association shall be from 01 January to 31 December.

30.       The Association shall have a bank account in its own name.  All Association cheques and other payment instruments must be signed by signatories who have been authorised by the Committee.

31.       The Treasurer shall manage the accounts of the Association, is to receive all monies due to the Association, and is to arrange for payments to be made on its behalf.  Any member of the Association who may receive monies on behalf of the Association must hand them to the Treasurer at the earliest opportunity.

32.       The Treasurer is to prepare the accounts of the Association for independent review under   arrangement of the Committee.  Copies of the reviewed accounts shall be presented at each   AGM and be freely available for inspection by members.

33.       No purchases shall be made nor debts incurred on behalf of the Association without the prior sanction of the Committee.

34.       No money or property of the Association or any gain arising from the activities of the Association shall be applied otherwise than for the benefit of the Association as a whole, or for some fitting charitable, benevolent or political purpose or purposes chosen by resolution of a General Meeting.

35.       The Association may be dissolved only by a majority decision taken at a General Meeting. In this event, the property and resources shall not belong to the members, but after payment of all just debts and liabilities of the Association, any residual assets shall be disposed of in accordance with the general aims and objectives of the Association.  A Board of Trustees shall be formed for this purpose comprising the Chairman, the General Secretary and the Treasurer in office at that time.



36.      The AGM shall be held in May or June each year and not more than 15 months shall elapse without a General Meeting.  Every full member over 18 years of age and who has paid their subscription for the current year shall be entitled to one vote. Honorary members may vote on general matters, but not on any matter affecting the Constitution of the Association.

37.      An Extraordinary General Meeting may be requested in writing to the General Secretary by not less than 10 Full Members of the Association.  Such a meeting must be held within two months of the request being received by the General Secretary.

 38.       The General Secretary will give notice of meetings as follows:

 a.      Annual General Meeting. Notice of the Annual General Meeting will be posted on the Association’s website and sent to all members by email at least 14 days prior to the date on which the meeting is to take place.  The notice is to give the time and place of the meeting, and details of the business to be conducted.

             The following business shall be discussed at the Annual General Meeting:

 (i)        The presentation of, and if accepted, passing of the accounts for the financial year ending 31 December prior to the meeting.

(ii)        Election of Officers and the Committee.

(iii)       Such other business as may have been communicated to the General Secretary and included in the notice convening the meeting sent to members.

(iv)       Any other business.

b.      Extraordinary General Meeting.  Notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting will be posted on the Association’s website and sent to all members by email at least 14 days prior to any meeting.

39.       The business of a General Meeting shall be limited to that provided for in this Constitution and   those further matters set out in the notice convening the meeting.




40.      The Association shall comply with the requirements of the Home Office as prescribed from time to time, to allow it to be an approved club for the purposes of the Firearms Acts for the time being in force.  The General Secretary shall be responsible for the implementation of such requirements. 



Committee Role Descriptions Guide

1.   Chairman

a.   Oversight/governance of all Association general activities and those of the Committee.

b.   To convene and chair meetings of the Committee and any General meetings.

c.   Responsible for the LERA-sponsored Shooter Certification Card (SCC) process and liaison with the NRA on certification policy and card production.

d.   Facebook Group Admin.

e.   See Note 1. 

2.   Treasurer

a.   Maintenance of the Association's financial affairs in accordance with paras 28-32 of the Constitution.

b.   The Treasurer may issue imprests to other Committee members for purchase of stock and training requirements.

c.   See Note 1.

3.   General Secretary

a.   Membership record-keeping, including shooting records.

b.   Membership renewals/new applications, routine enquiries and correspondence.

c.   NRA affiliation, Home Office/MoD licencing.

d.   Police liaison.

e.   Association FAC holder.  (See notes 2, 3)

f.   Supervision of storage facility at NSC Bisley.

g.   Facebook Group Admin/Moderator.

h.   See Note 1.

4.   Shooting Coordinator:

a.   To recruit and coordinate a team of 2/3 assistants, who shall be full members of the Association and coordinate all shooting arrangements as following:

b.   Compile, update and publish an annual Calendar of Events.

c.   Book and manage all shooting on NRA/MoD ranges and arrange for RCOs to supervise all shooting activities.

d.   Collect individual shoot attendance records and pass these to the General Secretary for central record keeping.

e.   Collect individual range fees and pass these to the Treasurer/bank.

f.   To have a bank debit card for advance payment of NRA range fees.

g.   See Note 4.

5.   Merchandising Officer:

a.   Ascertaining the requirements of the Association with regard to items, quantity and cost of LERA merchandise to be provided for sale, and establishing an appropriate selling price.

b.   Maintaining good, clear and up-to-date records of all transactions.

c.   Providing safe and secure storage of all LERA merchandise.

d.   Maintaining and updating the LERA shop on the Association website.

e.   Making LERA merchandise available to members and others at regular meetings and by post, if practicable.

6.   Training Coordinator:

a.   To recruit and coordinate a team of 2/3 NRA Club Instructor-qualified assistants who shall be full members of the Association, and make all training and assessment arrangements.

b.   To maintain training and assessment records and ensure copies are available to the Committee.

c.   To liaise with the Chairman regarding issue of SCCs to new members.

d.   Facebook Group Moderator.

e.   See note 4.

7.   Communications Officer:

a.   Bullet-In Editor.

b.   Facebook Group Admin/Moderator.

c.   Webmaster.  (May request technical assistance as required from outside the Committee but to retain content/editorial control.)

8.   Ordinary Members.

a.   Are not part of the Association management in any specific capacity and are therefore free to monitor overall Committee activity and to provide input from the ordinary Association member perspective.

b.   Can be tasked to survey members, collate and provide member feedback, and any other responsibilities as might be agreed at Committee meetings.


1.  Chairman, Treasurer and General Secretary to act as a 'standing committee' for minor routine Association business.

2.   FAC Holder to manage access to the Association firearms by advance arrangement with members.  Only those Committee members given individual permission by the FAC Holder will be allowed to independently withdraw Association firearms from the NRA Armoury.

3.   The position of FAC Holder is not exclusive to the General Secretary and may be held by another Committee member as appropriate. 

4.   If the Office Holder is unavailable, one of the assistants should stand in at Committee meetings.