Shoots are only open to full members of LERA.  Probationers may attend but must be supervised at all times.  All shooters (except trainees) must have their Shooters Competency Cards with them, and all shooters (including trainees) must bring a completed Range Signing in Sheet

RCO's must appoint someone to complete the Range Attendance Register.

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Sunday 17th December. Bisley. Siberia, 200yds, 2 Lanes, AM only.  LERA Christmas Turkey Shoot followed by lunch at the L&M. Club rifles available to those who need them.

Wednesday 13th December. CANCELLED. Bisley, Century, Electronic Targets 200yds, PM only for general practice.

Sunday 10th December, Stoney Castle Range (Ash Ranges Complex), The Enfield Challenge Competition, all day. Steve Pearce can bring ammo for anyone who requests it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
This shoot is now pay on the day (£15) and there are no entry forms. Anyone needing a club gun please contact the secretary.

Saturday 09 Dec.  Bisley Butt 19, 300x electronic target PM only.  One lane booked in the afternoon, mainly  for those who might wish to check zero etc prior to the Enfield Challenge Match the following day, but open to all.  £5 per person.  This is booked as a club shoot so you do not have to be an NRA member to attend, but must have LERA membership card, valid SCC, and signing in sheet please.

Thursday 16th November. Bisley, Century, 2 lanes, Electronic Targets 100yds, PM only for general practice.

Sunday 12th November. Bisley Siberia, Guest Day.  Must pre-book to attend.  Members with guests only.

Tuesday 17th October. Bisley, Century, Electronic Targets 200yds, PM only for general practice.

Thursday 5th October. WW1 Guest day (British Airways). Bisley. CANCELLED.

Saturday 30th September. NRA Historic SR Match. Bisley. (practice in the morning, comp in the afternoon).

Sunday 24th September. Stoney Castle Range. LERA Annual CQB Match.

Sunday. July 30th. Bisley, Siberia 200 Am (3 lanes) Century 300 PM (3 lanes) Monthly Shoot, 0900 to 1700.  The planned shoot at Ash had to be cancelled as we were the only club with a booking which meant us paying the full cost of opening the range for the day (£1000 or thereabouts)..

Saturday 1st July. Bisley, Siberia, 2 lanes at 100 morning only, practice for falling plates.

Wednesday 28th June. Bisley, Melville, Bay "B" all day. Club .22's will be available.

Sunday 18th June. Ash Ranges. All day, 0800 start. 100 & 200 yards plus falling plates practice.

Saturday 10th June. Bisley, 300 yards on Century. Methuen Team Practice only.

Saturday 20th May. Bisley, Butt 19 (ETR). 4 Lanes at 300 Yds in the morning, followed by the AGM in the afternoon.

Saturday 6th May. Bisley. Butt19 (ETR) 2 Lanes at 300. Afternoon only.

Sunday 23rd April. Bisley, 4 lanes at 200 on Siberia in the morning, followed by 3 lanes on Century, with markers, in the afternoon.

Wednesday 12th April. Bisley. 200 yards on Siberia in the morning, followed by 300 yards on Century in the afternoon with markers.

Saturday 1st April. Bisley. 2 lanes at 100 yards on Short Siberia, morning only. HSR Match Practice.

Sunday 26th March. Bisley. 5 lanes at 200 on Siberia in the morning followed by 5 lanes at 300 on Century in the afternoon.

Sunday 26 February. Bisley. 300am, 600pm, Century.

Saturday 18th February. Bisley. 1 lane ETR Century. Committee meeting.

Sunday 22nd January. Bisley. 3 lanes at 300 on Century ETR.

Saturday 14th January. Bisley. 4 lanes at 300 on Century ETR.