Match format

The format will be as per standard TR competition; 2 convertible sighters and 10 to count from the prone position.  Shooting jackets, single point slings and gloves are permitted for SMLEs, No 4s and L39s etc fitted with target iron sights i.e. standard SR(b) configuration (e.g. A J Parker).   

SR(a) rifles are acceptable.  This class is ‘as issued’, two-point sling and non-padded glove permitted.

Course of fire

1.      Three firers to each lane per detail firing alternately, marking each other’s’ cards and acting as Register Keeper for each other. 

2.      Maximum 45 seconds allowed per shot or penalties for slow shooting will be incurred. 

3.      Each detail should take no longer than 40 mins to complete followed by a 5-minute changeover. 

4.      This should allow for 5 details each in the morning and afternoon, i.e. 15 shooters per lane or 30 shooters in total for both lanes. 

5.      Assuming 30 shooters, there will may be the opportunity for people to have a go with more than one rifle, or a second go with the same rifle.  (If the latter, it will be the first shoot that counts towards the competition).

Scorecards & Scoring

·        Scorecards cards will only be issued on production of a valid Shooters Competency Certificate

·        Scorecards must be handed in at the end of each match

·        Ensure that you put your name on the card otherwise no score could result

·        Scoring:               Round bull: V bull = 5.1, bull = 5, inner = 4, magpie = 3, outer = 2 rest of target =1