This will be the last LERA event of 2018 and is our pre-Christmas fast and furious fun competition. We have four lanes booked - self marking.

Place: Bisley Short Siberia 200x

Time: 0830-1230

Targetry: NRA/HBSA Historic Tin Hat

Course of Fire: No sighters and 10 to count from the prone position in 90 seconds, starting with five rounds loaded and made ready, and to include a 5 round reload. All shooting will be off hand; no rests allowed. Scores will be relayed from the Butts to the Firing Point by radio.
Multiple entries allowed, with your highest score of the morning to count for the competition.
In the event of a tie, the winner/places will be decided by count back.

The competition is for SMLEs, No 4s and No 5s - SR(a) only. You are welcome to bring other rifles to shoot for fun but they will not count for the competition.

Prizes: 1st Place - you've guessed it, A TURKEY!
2nd Place - a brace of pheasants.
3rd Place - a pair of wood pigeon.
Lowest score of the day - a pack of vegan sausages!

Range Fees: FREE

As always: Signing in Sheets and SCCs required.

Please click on "Going" on facebook if you can come.