Firer’s Brief


 Enfield Challenge Match Ash ETR – 8th December 2018

Firing points 1 to 12 at 300 to 100 yards

 Range opens 0800, and closes 1630

Shooting times 0900 to 1600hrs

Ash Ranges Information 


 B1      All shooters must report in at the range control by 0800.  Cars to be parked in the main ETR car park which is left of the main firing point and range consul.  No cars to be parked on the grass, so park close together and even park behind each other.  Note there must be room to get a vehicle up to the consul to allow for emergency vehicles.

 Shooters will give in their completed attendance sheets, show SCC and pay the range fee on arrival at range control.


Competition Classes

B2      The Classes are detailed in the table below. Firers are to ensure the correct class is entered on their scorecard.





Martini Henry, Long Lee








No.4 SR(a)


Scoped Enfield

Any scoped Enfield: No4T, enforcer, etc



Open Historic Rifle

Any as issued historic military rifle with iron sights


Open Modern Rifle

Any modern rifle in any configuration



Course of fire

B3      The course of fire is detailed in the table below. It is a continuous Defence shoot with targets at 300m, 200m and 100m, using various positions on an electronic target range (ETR). There will be a Fig.11 at 300m and 200 and a Fig 12 at 100m in each ETR lane.  Be careful to identify your lane, as it is easy to cross shoot.  A hit on the target will score 4, 40 rounds total, HPS 160. 

There will be rotating details:

1 FIRING, 1 PREPARING TO SHOOT, 1 RESTING (assisting as safety supervisors)


MAKE SAFE – Load with 10 rounds, close the bolt ensuring there is no round in the chamber, apply safety catch


Range Position





Practice 1

100m-300m Prone

10 Rounds

100m Fig 12.

200m Fig 11.

300m Fig 11.

1 x 25 second Expo­sure followed by 2 x 3 second exposures at 100m.

1 x 6 second expo­sure at 200m.

4 x 4 second expo­sures at 300m.

5m from firing point.

Order “Adopt the standing alert posi­tion, watch out”. When targets appear, firers are to move to the firing point, adopt the prone position, load, make ready and open fire with one round at each exposure at 100m. Fall when hit.

3 rounds at the single exposure at 200m. Up and hold.

1 round at each exposure at 300m. Fall when hit.

Post practice order.

“Make safe, dress in to the fire trench and await scores”.

“Any protests (no protests)”.

Practice 2


Fire Trench.



100m Fig 12.

200m Fig 11.

300m Fig 11.

1 x 4 second expo­sure at 300m, fol­lowed by 9 random exposures at 100m for 2 seconds, 200m for 3 seconds or 300m for 4 seconds.

Order “Ready, adopt the standing supported po­sition, watch and shoot”. When the targets appear the firer is to engage with 1 round per exposure. Targets Fall when hit.

Post practice order.

“Make safe, dress out of the fire trench and await scores”.

“Any protests (no protests)”.

Practice 3


Kneeling Sup­ported.



100m Fig 12.

200m Fig 11.

300m Fig 11.

5 x double expo­sures of 6 seconds for the first target and 3 seconds for the second target.

15 seconds be­tween each double exposure.

Targets will appear in random order with a minimum of 4 exposures at 300m, 3 at 200m and 3 at 100m.

3m behind the firing point. Order “Ready, adopt the standing alert position, watch out”. When the targets appear, the firer is to move onto the firing point, adopt the kneeling supported position and engage with 1 round. The firer is to remain in the kneeling supported posi­tion and fire 1 round at the next exposure.

After each second expo­sure the firer is to apply the safety catch and return to the standing alert posi­tion on the firing point.

Targets Fall when Hit.

Post practice order.

“Make safe, await scores”.

“Any protests (no protests)”.

Practice 4

100m-200m Standing, Kneel­ing or Squatting.



100m Fig 12.

200m Fig 11.

5 x 4 second exposures at 200m and 5 x 3 second exposures at 100m, in random order.

Order “Ready, adopt the standing alert position, watch out”.

During each exposure fir­ers are to fire 1 round from the standing, kneeling or squatting position.

Targets Fall when Hit.

Post practice order.

“Unload, for inspec­tion port arms, show clear (once clear), breach flag in, pick up brass and await scores”.

“Any protests (no protests)”.


Between practices, safety supervisors will confirm scores with their firers, writing them on the firers scorecard as they are called out from the consul.

At the end of the shoot, once the rifles have been inspected and the breach flags inserted, the firers will pick up brass and await final scores.  These will be marked on the scorecards and agreed with the safety supervisor.  The supervisor will check the class of rifle used against the details on the score card.



B4      Hugh Kent will be Range Officer.

 B5      The RCO will be helped by a number of safety supervisors covering two to three shooters to help ensure safe running of the firing point.



 B6      People must enter and leave the range via the path from the car park.  There is no movement forward of the consul during firing. There is no movement right of the range into the woods as this is DANGER AREA for adjacent range

 B7      Toilets are to the left of the range beyond the car park towards the pistol range


Range conduct

 B8      On arrival kit must only be placed BEHIND the consul. You may not advance onto the firing point until the RCO gives permission.

 Everybody MUST wear effective ear protection, both ON and NEAR the firing point.

           Only rifles, ammunition bag/container, and score card to be allowed on the firing point.

 Bolts will not be inserted, or breech flags removed until ordered.

           Rifles must be pointed down the range throughout the practice, care must be taken to ensure this when moving to the firing point.

           Movement to the firing point will be at the walk, no running

           Minimum time will be allowed to collect fired cartridge cases. 

 Firer’s on the next detail can lay their rifle in line with the consul behind the firing point

 Individuals are responsible to ensure their ammunition is within the safety limits of the range.


Misfire Drill

B9      If you have a misfire, do not open the bolt for at least 30 seconds.  Lay the rifle on the ground pointing towards the target with the breech towards the ground and raise your hand to attract the RCO’s attention.

 Emergency Stop

 B10    If firing has to stop for an emergency, the RCO will shout ‘STOP! STOP! STOP!’  You must then immediately apply the safety catch, lay your rifle down, step back and wait instructions.

 Aiming or Dry Firing

 B11    No one may aim a rifle, look through the sights, remove a breech flag, or insert a bolt unless you are on the firing point with the RCO permission.


 B12    The Ash Range Office telephone number is 01252 325233.  The emergency services can be called on 999/112 on any mobile phone

           ……………… is the nominated first aider and is equipped with a first aid kit

  End of Shooting

 B13    All equipment must be removed from the firing point.  All rubbish must be collected.

           All LERA score boards and equipment will be returned to the firing point.

 B14    Prize giving will be at the end of the day, as soon as possible after shooting has ceased.

 B15    Range closes at 1630hrs.