Firer’s Brief


 Enfield Challenge Match Ash ETR – 1st February 2020


Firing points 1 to 12 at 300 to 100 yards






B1      All shooters must report in at the range control by 0800.  Cars to be parked in the main ETR car park which is left of the main firing point and range consul.  No cars to be parked on the grass, so park close together and even park behind each other.  Note there must be room to get a vehicle up to the consul to allow for emergency vehicles.



Shooters will give in their completed attendance sheets, show SCC and pay the range fee on arrival at range control.


Competition Classes



B2      The Classes are detailed in the table below. Firers are to ensure the correct class is entered on their scorecard.






Martini Henry, Long Lee








No.4 SR(a)


Scoped Enfield

Any scoped Enfield: No4T, enforcer, etc



Open Historic Rifle

Any as issued historic military rifle with iron sights


Open Modern Rifle

Any modern rifle in any configuration



Course of fire



B3      The Course of Fire will include one or more of the following activities:



a.     Zeroing of firearms as required on the adjacent Zero Range.


b.     Enfield Challenge Match, 100-300m, from the static firing point at 300m.  The SARTS programme to be controlled by a Landmarc TAO.



The Enfield Challenge Match is detailed in the table below.


It is a continuous Defence shoot with targets at 300m, 200m and 100m, using various positions on an electronic target range (ETR).


There will be a Fig.11 at 300m and 200 and a Fig 12 at 100m in each ETR lane. 


A hit on the target will score 4, 40 rounds total, HPS 160. 


Ties will be counted back in order Practices 2, 4, 3 & 1.





Practice 1






10 Rounds


1 x 25 second at 100m.





2 x 3 second at 100m.


1 x 6 second at 200m.


4 x 4 second at 300m.

5m from firing point.

Order “Adopt the standing alert position, watch out”. When targets appear, move to the firing point, adopt the prone position, load, make ready and open fire with;

1 round at each exposure at 100m.

Targets Fall when hit.

3 rounds at the single exposure at 200m.

Targets Up and hold.

1 round at each exposure at 300m.

Targets Fall when hit.


Practice 2


Fire Trench




10 Rounds





1 x 4 second at 300m,

9 random exposures at

100m for 2 seconds.

200m for 3 seconds or

300m for 4 seconds.

Order “Load, ready, adopt the standing supported position, watch and shoot”. When the targets appear the firer is to engage with;

1 round per exposure.

Targets Fall when hit.


Practice 3


Kneeling Supported.




10 Rounds


5 x double expo­sures of;

6 seconds for the first target.

3 seconds for the second target.

15 seconds be­tween each double exposure.

Targets will appear at random with a minimum of;

4 at 300m.

3 at 200m and

3 at 100m.

Order “Load, ready, apply safety catches and adopt the standing alert position, watch out”. When the targets appear adopt the kneeling supported position and engage with;

1 round at each exposure.

After each second exposure apply the safety catch and return to the standing alert posi­tion.

Targets Fall when Hit.


Practice 4


Standing, Kneel­ing or Squatting.




10 Rounds





5 x 4 second at 200m.

5 x 3 second at 100m.

In random order.

Order “Load, ready, apply safety catches and adopt the standing alert position, watch out”

During each exposure firers are to fire;

1 round from the standing, kneeling or squatting position.

Apply the safety catch and return to the standing alert position between exposures.

Targets Fall when Hit.




Between practices, safety supervisors will confirm scores with their firers, writing them on the firers scorecard as they are called out from the consul.



At the end of the shoot, once the rifles have been inspected and the breach flags inserted, the firers will pick up brass and await final scores.  These will be marked on the scorecards and agreed with the safety supervisor.  The supervisor will check the class of rifle used against the details on the score card.




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